Fun projects for Quaotic contact papers

Our contact papers are so versatile, you can completely change the look of your home.

1, Walls

Quaotic offers both self adhesive wallpapers as well as contact papers. Self adhesive wallpapers are thin and a composite of vinyl and paper with an adhesive back, contact papers are a bit thicker and don’t have the paper component. Both can be used on walls and many of our removable contact vinyls look great as wallpaper. Choose from brick, stone, or wood designs, or go for more old fashioned floral designs.

Using contact costs nearly as much as traditional wallpaper if you want to cover whole walls, but there are other ways to use them on walls. You can choose to only cover the lower third of the wall, or a diagonal design to show off your room.

Many people just use our vinyl films on one wall or part as an eyecatching feature wall. Just use your imagination.

2, Furniture

Give a whole new look to tired or plain drawers or table tops by covering them with contact vinyl to suit your rooms colour and style. This can change the entire look of a room, and saves money on having to buy new furniture to match your decor. Using contact paper is a great way to do up plain flatpack furniture and make it look more expensive.

When you decide to modernise and change your colour scheme, you just peel off the old vinyl and put on more. No need to get rid of that much loved piece, and also a way to dress up boring flat pack furniture.

3, Counter Tops

Temporarily protect your bench tops with vinyl film to modernise an old look in your kitchen and bathroom. Our marble patterns are very popular, but you can also use wood designs and more.

If you look after them the vinyl should last for years, or until you want to change the look. So much cheaper than buying new counters.

4, Laptops and Tablets

Personalise your tablet or laptop with a fun vinyl design. it is cheap and easy to do yourself. There are a huge range of patterns and finishes to choose from.

5, Jars and Crafts

Self adhesive vinyl films can be used to pretty up any room.


  • Photo albums
  • Folders
  • Gift boxes
  • Rubbish bins
  • Food cannisters

6, Fridges and other Whitegoods

Jazz up your kitchen by covering your fridge with a bold coloured contact paper, or maybe cover your dishwasher with stainless steel coloured vinyl to make them look high end and new.

There are a heap of options for going bold, or subtle, or anything in between.

7, Stairs

Stair murals are an easy way to add colour and interest to a boring stairway. Theya re easy to install, just clean the risers and stick on the mural parts.

Apart from using murals, you can also use tile stickers, or other patterned film.

8, Doors

Apart from using our contact paper to add interest to a door, we can also supply door murals that can really change the look of a room. There are thousands of designs we can get so if you can’t see what you like on the site, just ask.

You can use basic vinyl colours to fill in panels to just add a bit of colour or go all out with patterns.

9, Floors

Floor murals will really surprise visitors to your home. They are particularly nice on bathroom floors.

10, Backsplash

Apart from brick or tile style stickers, we can also supply heat resistant vinyl to place behind stoves.

11, Windows

Add privacy film to bathroom or bedroom windows. They don’t use glue so are easy to remove if you want to. They stick to the windows with static electricity.

12, Tile stickers

Tile sticker have so many uses. You can stick them on to tile, use them as a border on a wall, or stick them onto furniture like covering the front of drawers.

13, Cupboards

Change the colour of your kitchen by covering the doors of your cupboards with contact paper.

Other ideas:

  • Frame a square of bold patterned contact paper and put it up on your wall
  • If your contact paper has pictures or shapes you can cut out, just stick cut outs onto walls or furniture
  • Cover the bottoms or edges of draws so people get a nice surprise when they open them
  • Cover the insides of cabinets or bookcases
  • Highlight an architectural feature inside your home
  • Cover the inside of your closet

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