Jazz up a room with a door mural

Jazz up a room with a wall mural

Our contact papers are great to add some interest and colour to doors to brighten a room, but Quaotic also supplies door murals which can take things even further.

There are so many pictures and designs that we can’t keep everything in stock but we do have a handful in Australian standard door size.

Door murals are a great way to add a non permanent decoration to a room that can be removed when it is no longer the ‘theme’ you want to go for. You can add a bit if decorative interest according to an interest, such as horses or art, or a nature theme of waterfalls or forests, or maybe something novelty such as a Halloween or Christmas theme, though that can be a little expensive just for a short holiday period.

These door murals come in two pieces that are easy to line up and install, you just need the usual contact tools and you are right to go. They are self adhesive so you don’t need to buy and deal with glues – just peel and stick.

Some things to keep in mind though:

1, the door should be a smooth sided one as it is harder to cover a door with panels.

2, take your time to do it properly

3, not just for doors, these murals can also be used to cover suitably sized wardrobes or other cupboards and even large fridges.

If we don’t have one you want on our site just let us know, we can probably get one in to suit.

As you can see, there are heaps of different themes that can be used to change the entire look of any room.

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