Important questions

What surfaces can I use your contact papers on?
Our contact papers can be used on most hard and flat surfaces like paint (must be at least 4 weeks after painting to allow proper curing), ceramics/tiles, glass, varnished wood, plastic, metal etc.
Surfaces they can't be used on are rough or textured surfaces, paint in poor conditions, such as flaking, bubbling or floury, and Teflon based paint (test it to see if a piece of sticky tape sticks well to it or not. Usually marketed and paint where you can easily wipe off markers, pen and stains).
Are your products easily removable?
Most of our products are easily removable from painted surfaces (walls, furniture) without leaving any residue. Our contact papers are low tack and will not remove the paint underneath as long as the paint was in good condition before the contact was stuck on. 
On smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass, metal etc, they may leave some adhesive residue after peeling off. This residue can be removed by wiping with metho, soapy water, or Goo Gone.
Any products that are not considered renter friendly and easily removable will have that stated on the listing. 

For Tenants

Am I allowed to use your products in my rental?
You will have to check your contract but most places allow them, or at least don't disallow them. If not and you are able to convince your landlord/property manager to allow our products in your home make sure the contract is changed to reflect that.
Are your products easy to install?
Yes, although the first time can occasionally be a bit more difficult, it gets quicker and easier after that. There are many Youtube tutorials on these kinds of products, and we will be making our own product tutorials soon.
How easy are they to take off?

Most of our products that are stated as renter friendly and removable are easy to just peel off without damaging any painted surface underneath, as long as the original surface is in good condition without peeling or damaged paint. Newly painted surfaces should be allowed to cure and harden for at least 4 weeks after painting before using our products.

What surfaces can I not use your products on?
Please see this question below.
Can you help if I have problems?
We are proud of our friendly customer surface and you can email, phone, or message us any time. If we can't answer straight away, we will get back to you as soon as we can.
How long do your products last?
Although our products are meant to be temporary, as long as they are not harshly used they should last and not peel for years.

For Landlords

Why should I allow my tenants to use your products in their rental?

There are two main reasons why it is a great idea to allow the use of our products:

1, Saving money on maintenance. You will not need to paint as often if your good surfaces like walls and benchtops are covered with vinyl film. When your tenants leave they can just peel off any scuffed, stained, or marked vinyl and leave your preserved surface in pristine condition. As long as the surface is in good condition then our products will not damage it. This saves painting between tenants and saves on costs.

2, If you allow your renters to personalise their home they tend to stay longer as they value the property more and see it as their own space. It is simple to remove the films if they clash with your sense of style when the lease ends.

Are your products a safety concern?
Our vinyl products do not offgas, and are no more flameable than paint on the walls. We do have some products that are flame resistant and are more suitable for backsplashes in the kitchen and behind the stove.
Do your products leave a residue after removal?
Generally removing our vinyls leave no residue on paint but they may leaves some residue on hard surfaces like tiles or glass. This can be removed by gently wiping with metho, soapy water, or a product designed for the purpose.

For renovators and home owners

Why use your products rather than higher quality and higher priced products?
If you are renovating you often don't have the money to do all that you want at once. Our products offer a low priced alternative for adding style to your home and furnishings until you get around to renovating that area. They are easy to put on for a temporary fix and take off when you need. 'Normal' wallpaper takes more effort to install and is harder to remove.
What sort of things can I use your products for? Can I get some ideas?

Let your imagination run wild:

  • Change the colour, texture, or look of your walls
  • Change the surface of your counter tops from granite to marble look, or even rustic timber if you like.
  • Cover plain looking furniture to a different colour, or even fun and funky styles using all sorts of colours and textures.
  • Cover the kitchen backsplashes with tile look 3D vinyl
  • Cover your whitegoods
  • Use door murals to give a whole new feel to a room
  • Cover vases or other containers around the home
  • Change the look of the inside of a caravan

General Questions

What surfaces can I use your products on?
Any smooth surfaces, such as paint, tile, metal, glass, wood. Newly painted surfaces must be left to cure and harden for at least 4 weeks before using self adhesive products on them
What surfaces can I NOT use your products on?

Do not use on:

  • Newly painted surfaces less than 4 weeks from painting
  • Peeling, floury or damaged paint
  • Textured surfaces
  • Teflon paint - try to stick a piece of sticky tape on your paint. if it won't stick well then you cannot use our self adhesive products on it. Teflon paint is often marketed as stain and marker resistant.

How long do your products last?
Although our products are marketed as temporary, they will usually last for years if not treated harshly. Or, you can take them off anytime if you change your mind, a week, a month, a year.
Are all your products renter friendly?
Some products are not able to be taken off easily, even if they are removable, and we will note this on the listing. This includes self adhesive floor tiles and foam brick panels. Any products that you have to add your own adhesive to are also not marked as renter friendly.
What if I find your product hard to remove?
Cold temperatures harden the films a little and make them a bit more difficult to work with. Using a hair dryer to warm up the film and adhesive will make them way easire to remove.
What tools will I need?

The things you will need to apply most of our products are:

  • Self adhesive wallpaper or border vinyl
  • Craft knife
  • Metho or dishwashing liquid in water (to clean the surface before applying vinyl)
  • Ruler and pencil for measuring and marking.
  • Cutting board if you need to cut the vinyl
  • Soft tool to press down the vinyl. This can be a felt edged vinyl layer or soft chalkboard erasor. DO NOT use a hard edged tool like a credit card etc. unless you fold some fabric over it. I realise that many videos on Youtube show people using hard edged tools but that can damage or stretch the surface.
  • Hair drier. Not always necessary but warming the vinyl will help it lay better and go around corners.
  • A pin to prick any air bubbles so you can press them out.

Does the vinyl really stand up to use on kitchen benches?
As long as you look after it a vinyl kitchen bench will stand up for years. No cutting or hot pots should be placed on ANY type of counter, even stone ones, so it should make no difference when treated well. Always use trivets or wood boards when doing any cutting or using hot pots on any type of surface. Even if you do damage the vinyl, it is easy and cheap to peel it off and replace.
Make sure that you clean up spills from beetroot or tomato based dishes (such as past sauce) immediately to avoid stains. These will stain vinyl very easily. If you do get a stain you can usually remove it by rubbing gently with a half and half mix of vinegar and water. Just wipe the area every now and then and it should fade.
Are your vinyl films recyclable?
Although PVC (Vinyl) is fully recyclable it is not often recycled in Australia except for a few companies that will recycle hard PVC in capital cities. Unfortunately soft vinyl is not recycled in Australia at this time.
Are your products safe?
All of our products, which vary in purpose, are designed to be as safe as possible when used properly. As most of the contact paper type films are made of PVA they should not be used where children may chew on them. For general surface covering they are not likely at all to cause health problems.  
PVC used to have a deservedly bad reputation but manufacturers have been changing to low and non toxic plasticisers, some even made from soybean or linseed oil. That said, PVC gives off some toxic fumes when burnt. This is hard to avoid since so many things in your home are made from PVC from the plastic covering on your wiring to your couch covers and foam.
Do your vinyl films fade when next to windows?

Films that are made for vehicle wraps don't come in as many patterns and colours but are better suited to outdoor use, or indoors where they will be subject to hot sun shining directly on them through windows. These kinds of films are less likely to fade and shrink in hot sunny conditions. Unfortunately they are also much more expensive than our other films. 

Our other contact papers are much better than they were ten years ago and do not fade or discolour easily so you should not be too concerned.