Border – Peach coloured flowers

$18.90 Inc. GST

  • 10 metre roll

  • Can be used on walls or furniture

  • Renter friendly and removable

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Peach coloured wallpaper border. 10 metre roll

Great for furniture or walls. Use your imagination.

Self adhesive and removable. Textured surface

Width: 10cm

Cost: $18

Please ask if you have any questions or confusion.

Check out FAQs to makes sure the surface you are covering is suitable for self adhesive paper


Information about this product:

Width: 10cm

Length: 10 metres

Material: PVC and paper

Thickness: thin

  • Self adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Removable
  • Rental friendly

Tips and Ideas

Here are some ideas for using this product.

  • Around the bottom or top of the walls
  • Drawers
  • Around the top edge of rubbish bins