Border – transparent

$14.00 Inc. GST

  • Just under 10 metre roll

  • Can be used on walls, mirrors, furniture, or crafts

  • Renter friendly and removable

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10 metre roll (actually just under as these rolls are often 5cm short)

Great for glass, mirror edges, windows, or walls. Use your imagination. The white pattern stands out on the transparent background on darker paint especially.

Removeable but may leave a residue that can be cleaned off with metho

Width: 10cm

Cost: $14

Please ask if you have any questions or confusion.

Check out FAQs to makes sure the surface you are covering is suitable for self adhesive paper


Information about this product:

Width: 10cm

Length: 10 metres

Material: PVC

Thickness: thin

  • Self adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Removable
  • Rental friendly

Tips and Ideas

Here are some ideas for using this product.

  • Great for decorating the edges of windows or mirrors
  • Furniture