Removable double sided tape

$6.00 Inc. GST

  • 2 metre roll
  • Use for hanging posters and other things on smooth surfaces
  • Reusable
  • Renter friendly and removable without leaving residue

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2 metre roll

Removeable. Rental friendly – you can stick up posters, pictures, clocks, many other things and when you want to take them off this tape just peels off without leaving residue or damaging surfaces. After removing the tape it can be washed, dried, and reused.

NOTE- this tape is very sticky and I cannot guarantee that it will not remove paint if you use it on walls.

Width: 3cm, 1mm thick

Cost: $6

Please ask if you have any questions or confusion.


Customer Reviews

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Way too sticky and hard to use

This tape sticks to everything including itself and is impossible to peel away from itself if you get it tangled. I find it hard to use if you want something to stick temporarily. I have to admit that the glue is very sticky.