Static window privacy film – one way. Silver

$20.00 Inc. GST

Price is per metre

  • Static cling film so no glue is used. You can remove it and reapply whenever you like
  • Great for bathroom windows or glass screens
  • One way mirror (you can see out during the day and no-one can see in, but opposite at night)
  • Reflects a lot of the heat and UV in summer to keep your home cooler

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Mirror static window film, just cut to size, wet the window and install. This film is reflective during the day but transparent at night. Reflects sunlight but you can still see out. Keeps some heat in during winter. Price is per metre


Width: 60cm

Cost: $20/m

  • Removable, rental friendly
  • No glue – it uses static electricity to stick to the window so you can remove it and reuse it as you like
  • Maximum length is 6 m. If you want more than 6 metres it will come in cut pieces.
  • Blocks out 99% of UV light

Please ask if you have any questions or confusion.

Check out FAQs to makes sure the surface you are covering is suitable for self adhesive paper

Customer Reviews

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Thanks it is great

I put this up on the front window of my flat and it really works to keep the sun at bay and the flat much cooler. I realise that I have to have the blinds closed at night but it is fun to watch people going past during the day looking at themselves in the mirror lol.