Window shatter resistant film

$10.00 Inc. GST

  • Price is per metre
  • Stops broken windows from shattering all over the place
  • Can be used to protect furniture such as desk and table tops from scratches
  • Self adhesive

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Self adhesive. Transparent. Great for any windows that have a good chance of being broken. This film will stop dangerous shards of glass from spraying around if the window is broken. Price is per metre


Width: 50cm

Cost: $10 per metre

  • Can also be used to protect furniture
  • Stops broken windows from spraying shards of glass everywhere
  • Material: PET
  • Stops 90% UV light
  • Removable
  • Increases glass strength by about 4 times

Please ask if you have any questions or confusion.

Check out FAQs to makes sure the surface you are covering is suitable for self adhesive paper. May not adhere to textured glass.

How to use:
Preparation tools: ruler, blade, knife, spray bottle
● After measuring, cut to desired size
● Clean glass and spray a little water on it
● Peel off backing paper
● Align on the the glass from top to bottom, press on
● Then press it with a scraper to scrape off the excess bubbles and water
● Trim edges, after the water dries